90 minutes for $90 Talks

January 11, 2021


Real College Success Unplugged

Right now there is over $1.7 trillion dollars in student debt out there.  College is not a place to take lightly and coast into without knowing what is really going on in the school.  This is why we set aside 90 minutes of unplugged advice and tips from real college professors.  

In this 90 minute session, two college professors and a high school education professional will go unscripted into topics that will elevate you or your kids success to get the best bang for your buck at college.  Hear the inside details like what makes professors see a positive in a student and things to avoid doing in your classes that could find you in the hot seat.  College is a big investment of time, money, and resources.  Sign up for this 90 minutes to get the real story unplugged like you never heard it before.

January 18, 2021


How to make going to Junior College your superpower!

Let’s face it. College is expensive. And the end does not always justify the means. That being stated, what if there was another way? What if there was another path? And if there is, have you really researched and done an analysis of all that it has to offer? 

Enter your local junior or community college. This may actually be a diamond in the rough for you and your student. And just in case you believe that it is beneath you; allow Peter, Audrey and Peter to help you grasp all the pros and cons. 

Don’t make an uninformed decision! Instead, grab the opportunity to listen to and ask the experts. And yes, the JuCo may not be the route for you and your student. But just like in college, ensure that you have dotted all of your i’s and crossed all of your t’s. Register for 90 for $90 today!

January 25, 2021


My Kid Hates School…Now What?

Nearly 2 million students will drop out of college before they earn a degree.  The reason is because they are not really ready for college.  Let’s face it, high school tries to get them into a college, not really prepare them for the realities of it.  In their first year of college, they lack key skills like organization, communicating to professors, and focus management.  

In 90 minutes, you have the opportunity to hear and ask questions to two college professors and a seasoned high school educator to help unlock the keys to preparing you or your kid for college. This session is for parents and students to jumpstart their college preparation.  What better way to prepare for college than to hear from the professionals that teach there!

Available January 4, 2021

Teaching What’s Not There


HallPass Education designed for the parent and teen who are evaluating the college and university landscape and deciding what is the best ROI (Return on Investment). While the four-year university degree may questionably be the gold standard, the route to get there is up to you..

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