Imagine graduating college with little debt and a career already started




Build Your Sandbox

12 Week Intensive Program to Prepare you for Your Higher Education and Beyond! 


+Understand Scholarships    +Create Networks   +Understand YOUR Value
+Secure Mentors   +Work with Accountability Partners    +Time and Focus +Management Skills  +Engaged with Stakeholders +Start A Business

+Professional Circle (friends) +Become Financially Literate +Professional Portfolio Construction  +Lifelong Learning Strategy

Enhance Your Strengths

Identify Path(s)

Build Value

Professional Connections

College Clarity When Ready

Cost / Financial Literacy

Enhanced Relationships with Professors

Build Like Minded Squads

Communicate Your Journey

Professional Employment Seeking You

Bridging Old Vs. New

Hidden Failure of the College Graduate

-More debt than an option –Living on student loans –Leaning on mom and/or dad –Holding breath for a piece of paper –Not engaged in the classroom –Checking the box –No network. Just hang-out buddies –No sense of reality

Choose College At Age 18

Uncertain Path

Figure It Out While Paying Tuition

Wait To Get Degree

Heavy Debt Load

Hope For Employment

You won’t find a course like this anywhere else on the Internet, because it’s not enough to go from high school to college without a plan. We will get you ready.


Let’s Get Started

Let’s Build It 



The Gap Year Program/Transition Program both include 12 Intensive weeks with a Junior College Professor, a 4 -Year College Professor, and a High School Teacher. This will be engaging informational with everything you need to prepare for the transitions in life. Save yourself thousands of dollars! Apply Now.