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You are Never Alone



Are you researching your next career move or taking a short work break during the day?

Whenever you are ready, we got you covered with curated content.


Interactive Coaching

You are Size You.

 We are right alongside you as you deliver on your objectives in life.  With branding, education, and mindset experts, an individual will be able to partner their talents with an educational think tank who assist in overcoming all roadblocks, hurdles, and obstacles in order to accomplish their dreams and goals.



  We can do hard things.

How do you approach success and failure?  There are many forms of self-sabotage that we unknowingly do that impact our performance. That’s where a mentor comes in!  We partner with you to manage your focus, to listen without bias, and to help you as you fail and succeed through life.



Innovative Coursework

 Trust Your Dopeness.

Our courses dive into development of your soft skills. Our intention is to give you the tools you need to achieve throughout your life.

Our curriculum is designed to empower students to opt in to explore opportunities.

Engaging Content

Content is King

   Consistency is Queen 

Our library has hundreds of videos, articles, podcasts with motivation, inspiration and diverse success strategies.  Gain access to unlimited, live-streamed, content to assist you through the hallway of life.

Real Discussion. Real Life.

Our Courses

“Infinity is the lack of limitation”-Aristotle


Gap Year Program

It is not enough to find fulfillment and success with degrees.

There has always been a gap between academia and reality.  That gap can hold you back from success and lead to mediocrity and status quo.  This program fills in that gap with skills and strategies to open up opportunities you never knew were possible.  Get ready to start finding opportunities were meant for you in the hallway of life.     


One on One Program

So, what are you waiting for now?

An individual who signs on with HallPass Education is provided with three (accountability) partners with whom he or she can bounce ideas off of and be in a safe place where they are allowed to make mistakes but ultimately grow. When working in a group just won’t do, HallPass Education presents the opportunity to accomplish your dreams and visions in a more focused and individualized format. 


Transition Program

We’ve all been there.  The place where a job is just a job. 

Where we are lost between our current employment and what we wish we could be doing.  This program was created to give you the tools to pivot into a fulfilling life.  This is the transition you have been waiting for.  Work with accountability partners to give yourself permission to find amazing opportunities in the hallway of life. 


Thirty Days to Success

What do you think you can accomplish in one month?

Now, let’s help you double that thought. And sprinkle it with a little motivation. 

Today’s reality has presented HallPass with the best environment to assist those individuals who may be stuck in their career or life path.  Are you ready?  



Learn, Grow, Achieve. Repeat

We seep in the cracks and crevices

of education with real world

growth strategies.



You are your brand.  You have value.

Branding links your name, logo, online presence, product/services and appeal to the masses.  We are right there with you as you broadcast a united and clear message to the world.


When everything around you is chaotic, are you able to maintain your focus in order to accomplish your goals? Or do you get caught up in the madness?
Those with a fixed mindset get stuck. Those with a growth mindset can overcome in order to get through the muck. This may be the difference between success and giving up.

3 Days of career pivots

You are unstoppable as long as you keep moving forward.

An important part of pivoting is creating a place to plant your weight and so that you steer yourself in a different direction.  Our 3 days of Career Pivots gets you starting to unlearn the knowing and relearn the growing.

Are You Ready To Give Yourself Permission and Succeed in the Hallway of Life?

The HallPass Education 3 Days of Career Pivots will give you deep insight into who YOU are by asking you profound questions daily.


Daily deep questions that will help you dig deeper into who you really are


Daily motivational messages to help keep your mindset positive


1 live Q and A session with the HallPass Education Co-founders

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Balancing Success + Personal Development = Opportunities and Growth




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